News on the Aseptic Brick Carton Packaging Machine

BH7000 Series Aseptic Brick Carton Milk Packing Machine Listed in the 2012 National Key New Product Plan

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued a notice of the 2012 National Science and Technology Program numbered (2011) 420. In the program, the research and development project of BH7000 series aseptic brick carton milk packing machine was included in the 2012 National Key New Product Plan, with the project number 2012GRC60028.

The National Key New Product Plan, hereafter referred to as New Product Plan, constitutes a large part of the National Science and Technology Program. It is designed to encourage technological innovation, boost the development of new product, and promote the transformation and industrialization of technical achievements through policy guidance and financial support. The final goal of New Product Plan is to improve the international competitiveness of domestic companies.

In recent years, the city in which Bihai Company is located has had over 40 projects listed into the New Product Plan. Along with this, it brings about huge economic and social profits, and makes the city more likely to use the influence of these projects to carry out innovative activities, in an attempt to optimize the industrial structure of the city.