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    1. BH7000 Aseptic Carton Filling MachineTo better meet customer expectations for aseptic processing, we roll out the BH7000 aseptic carton filling machine. This filling set represents the upgraded generation among all the carton filling models. With a filling speed up to 7000 packages per hour, the machine delivers safe...
    1. BH6000 Aseptic Carton Filling MachineThe BH6000 aseptic carton filling machine provides processing and packaging solutions for food and beverages, machine combines the functions of package forming, filling, and sealing.
    1. BH3000 aseptic carton filling machineThe BH3000 aseptic filling machine provides a solution for sterile food such as dairy and drinks to be packaged in a disinfected container in a way that keeps freshness for storage. The equipment comes in various types, including aseptic the bottle filler, aseptic carton filler, aseptic cup filler, and aseptic cold filler.
  • Laminated Liquid Packaging MaterialThe laminated liquid packaging material is created from multiple layers of paper, aluminum, and plastic. It is airtight, and provides an effective barrier against light. The package is most commonly used to store milk, juice, and beverage. At ambient temperature, it can keep the freshness of the contents for 8 to 12 months.
    1. Water Treatment EquipmentFor 14 years, we have been dedicated to manufacturing water treatment equipment with proven performance. The water treatment equipment can be divided into two sections: pretreatment system and reverse osmosis system.
    1. U-Straw ApplicatorThe U-straw applicator is able to apply the U-straw to various packages, such as carton box, plastic cup, and plastic bottle. It provides a solution for user's convenience, and makes the product different from other common ones. For automatic finishing the process of transporting product and U-straw...
    1. Ultra-High-Temperature SterilizerOur ultra-high-temperature sterilizer is able to work continuously for over 16 hours to sterilize still beverages while keeping their original flavor and freshness. In terms of performance, this equipment is on a par with similar European products.
    1. CIP System Equipment Name : CIP Cleaning System
      Capacity : 2000L
      Lining Material : SUS 316L
      Insulation Layer Thickness : 50mm
    1. PasteurizerOur plate pasteurizer comes with a plate heat exchanger for heat treatment. The acts of heating and cooling are both carried out at the heat recovery section of the heat exchanger. After cooling is done, 94% of waste heat can be recovered for use in the next heating cycle.
    1. Homogenizer1. The homogenizer is able to maintain a proper, consistent flow rate even under high pressure conditions.
      2. It breaks down flow particles to finer sizes that fall in the range between 0.01 and 0.02 microns in diameter.
    1. Automatic Cartoning Machine 1. Capacity: Max. 8000 packs/hour (Actual packing speeds vary according to the specific carton size. Each cartooning set comes with one conveyor.)
      2. Overall Dimension: 2200×1500×1900mm (excluding the conveyor)
    1. Juice Production LineOur company is an experienced juice production line manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast array of products, including water treatment equipment, aseptic filling machine, U-straw applicator, and more.
    1. Milk Production LineAs a professional milk production line manufacturer and supplier in China, our company provides a wide range of products, including aseptic filling machine, laminated liquid packaging material, water treatment equipment, U-straw applicator, and much more.