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1. Our ultra-high-temperature sterilizer is able to work continuously for over 16 hours to sterilize still beverages while keeping their original flavor and freshness. In terms of performance, this equipment is on a par with similar European products.
2. Using indirect steam heating method ensures a proper, stable temperature range in which sterilization is carried out. Again thanks to the indirect steam heating, a temperature control accuracy of ±0.1℃ can be achieved.
3. Constant pressure control keeps the sterilized liquid materials fresh without contamination.
4. Real-time monitoring and control of sterilizing temperature by operating staff to achieve desired sterilization effect.

Quality Guarantee
The heat exchanger on this sterilizer is given a three-year quality warranty.

Technical Parameters

Name Ultra-High-Temperature Sterilizer
Type TG-UHT-3.0MJ
Control System PID
Beverage Types Milk/Juice/beverage/ vegetable protein drinks/cereal beverage
Capacity 3000L/h
Processing Flow 5~65℃ --- 70℃ (for homogenization treatment)---90℃ (30S)---140℃ (4S,10S)---30℃
Steam Pressure ≥ 6.0 bar
Cooled Water Flow Rate 5t/h ≤ 32℃
Compressed Air Pressure ≥ 6 bar
Steam Consumption 105 Kg/h
Ice Water Flow Rate 3 T/h ≤ 7℃ (used as an alternative to cooled water)
Electric Power 10.0KW
Pure Water Flow Rate ≥ 2T/h(used as an alternative to cooled water )
Dimension 4500mm×1900mm×1880mm

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