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The U-straw applicator is able to apply the U-straw to various packages, such as carton box, plastic cup, and plastic bottle. It provides a solution for user's convenience, and makes the product different from other common ones. For automatic finishing the process of transporting product and U-straw, trimming U-straw, applying glue and U-straw to the package, and machine fault alarming, the machine adopts the PLC automatic control system which saves cost and labor. Additionally, the machine is simple and reliable to operate with an internationally recognized level of performance.

1. The U-straw applicator is manufactured from stainless steel. This makes the machine intrinsically resistant to corrosion. The machine also meets the requirements of national food safety standard.
2. The crucial parts and components are purchased from world-renowned company. The electrical circuit is considerately designed with protective measures. It shows stable, reliable performance.
3. Optimized mechanical structure is provided for durability and ease of maintenance.
4. The machine is simple to operate without the need of guard.

Main Technical Parameters
Weight: 300kg
Voltage: 380-220V
Frequency: 50HZ
Power: 4.5kw(maximum power)
Output Capacity: 8000 cartons/hour
Feeding Method: line-up feeding
Conveyor Width: 855
Working Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa

1.Main Machine Dimensions: 1330mm×850mm×1145mm
2.Straight Railway Length: 1000mm/section
3.Bent Railway Length: 340mm/section
4.Adjustable Width Range: 100mm
5.The number of sections of straight railways and bent railways is decided by the customer.

1. Primary Drive Unit
2. Carton Transfer Direction
3. Secondary Drive Unit
4. Electrical Cabinet
5. Hot-Melt Glue Applicator

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