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1. Capacity: Max. 8000 packs/hour (Actual packing speeds vary according to the specific carton size. Each cartooning set comes with one conveyor.)
2. Overall Dimension: 2200×1500×1900mm (excluding the conveyor)
3. Weight: Approx. 1000kg
4. Carton Size: 250B (62×41×106.3mm), 250S (53×38×131mm), 200S (47×38×119.3mm)
5. Straw: U-shaped straw with outside diameter of 4mm.
6. Packing Standard: two lines six rolls/ three lines eight rolls (with handle for option)
7. Power Supply: Ф3×380V (±5%),50Hz
8. Power Consumption: Approx. 5.9 KW
9. Compressed Air Consumption: VN=500NL/min, 0.5Mpa (Note: The air used in the cartooning process should be dry, compressed air without moisture or other impurities.)
10. Connection Terminal: 3/8"
11. Hot Melt Glue Consumption: Approx. 0.5g per paper carton
12. Paper Carton Capacity: Approx. 200 pieces (thickness 3mm) without handle or 80 pieces (thickness 3mm) with handle
13. Paper Carton Height: 920 ± 30mm
14. Operating Conditions: Elevation no more than 1000m, temperature 15-30°C , humidity below 75%RH

Please note:
1. The automatic cartooning machine includes a 3m-long feed conveyor. It does not include the carton printer or adhesive applicator.
2. Upon request, we can commission the cartoner. In that case, customers should provide enough cartons of varied sizes for the machine to trial run for at least an hour. The cost will be responsibility of customers.

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