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1. The homogenizer is able to maintain a proper, consistent flow rate even under high pressure conditions.
2. It breaks down flow particles to finer sizes that fall in the range between 0.01 and 0.02 microns in diameter.
3. Fluid pressure is precisely controlled with the pressure gauge that has a measuring accuracy of 1Mpa.
4. The one-way valve provides an internal conical surface. Contact surface of the valve is sanded to prevent leakage, ensure a steady pressure, and maintain a sufficient flow.
5. Gear is installed on the crank arm for motion transmission.
6. Dual-shaft motor is used to pump liquid at fast speed and high pressure.
7. Quality seals that you can always rely on
8. Non-repairable parts stand the test of time.
9. Using our homogenizer means saving lubricating oil.
10. Easy disassembly and maintenance
11. Durable and attractive, this homogenizer meets the stringent hygiene requirements demanded by the food industry.

Technical Specifications

Name Homogenizer 25Mpa
Model SRH3000-25
Beverage Types Milk/ Juice/beverage
Flow Capacity 3000L/H
Max. Pressure 25Mpa
Rated Pressure 0-20Mpa
Power Supply 22kw
Weight 1800kg
Dimensions 1500×1100×1200mm

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