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Pasteurization can be done using a continuous method, where the liquid flows continuously through the pasteurization system to kill the bacteria in it. Commonly pasteurized food includes the milk, juice, beer, beverages, and other similar products.

Our plate pasteurizer comes with a plate heat exchanger for heat treatment. The acts of heating and cooling are both carried out at the heat recovery section of the heat exchanger. After cooling is done, 94% of waste heat can be recovered for use in the next heating cycle.

The pasteurizer is usually used in combination with the milk separator, de-carbonator, and ultra-high-temperature sterilizer. Its production capacity, or rather the output flow rate, can be adjusted by controlling the input flow rate via the mass flow controller in the feed system. Upon your request, we can add a homogenizer to the pasteurization system for precise flow control.

Automated Configuration
This pasteurization set incorporates the PLC system to maintain control over the entire production process. It also utilizes the clean-in-place system to perform automatic cleaning and disinfecting.

Semi-Automated Configuration
From the control panel, operators can exercise control over various pumps, valves, and counter-flow heat exchanger. Via the PID controller, operators can maintain a proper, consistent temperature level for sterilization. The sterilizing temperatures are recorded on a special instrument.

Pasteurized milk, yogurt, flavored milk, juice, tea beverage, beer, ice cream, milk beverage, condensed juice, and wine.

For light-duty pasteurization equipment, the electric heater is available for high heat recovery rate.

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