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The laminated liquid packaging material is created from multiple layers of paper, aluminum, and plastic. It is airtight, and provides an effective barrier against light. The package is most commonly used to store milk, juice, and beverage. At ambient temperature, it can keep the freshness of the contents for 8 to 12 months. This packaging material is usually employed to make brick cartons at a filling machine.


200ml, 250ml, 125ml, 1000ml

1. PE
2. Bonding Layer
3. Paper
4. PE
5. Bonding Layer
6. Aluminum Foil
7. Bonding Layer
8. PE
9. Modified PE Material

1. PE: Waterproof, Aseptic, Protective Printed Layer
2. Bonding Layer: To reinforce the binding strength between PE and the paper.
3. Paper: Printed and supportive layer with certain mechanical strength, tenacity, and stiffness.
4. PE: To bind the paper layer. Waterproof, Moisture-tight.
5. Bonding Layer: To reinforce the bind strength between aluminum foil and PE
6. Aluminum Foil: Oxygen barrier, light barrier
7. Bonding Layer: To reinforce the binding strength between aluminum foil and PE.
8. PE: To improve strength and increase thickness
9. Modified PE: Modify teat-sealing performance, ensure sealing tightness

100ml base 125ml slim
200ml slim 250ml base
250ml slim 1000ml base
1000ml slim 1000ml SQ

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