Aseptic Carton Filling Machine

    1. BH7000 Aseptic Carton Filling MachineTo better meet customer expectations for aseptic processing, we roll out the BH7000 aseptic carton filling machine. This filling set represents the upgraded generation among all the carton filling models. With a filling speed up to 7000 packages per hour, the machine delivers safe...
    1. BH6000 Aseptic Carton Filling MachineThe BH6000 aseptic carton filling machine provides processing and packaging solutions for food and beverages, machine combines the functions of package forming, filling, and sealing.
    1. BH3000 aseptic carton filling machineThe BH3000 aseptic filling machine provides a solution for sterile food such as dairy and drinks to be packaged in a disinfected container in a way that keeps freshness for storage. The equipment comes in various types, including aseptic the bottle filler, aseptic carton filler, aseptic cup filler, and aseptic cold filler.

The aseptic carton filling machine is widely used to package juice, fruit syrup, fruit jam, and other liquid food under aseptic or sterile conditions. The packaging enables its contents to be safely stored for over one year at ambient temperature without extra cost for refrigeration. The filler is directly attached to the sterilizer where ultra-heat treatment is applied to the liquid before the beverage can be filled into the sterile package. Created from numerous layers of aluminum, plastic, and paper, the package protects the contents from light and oxygen and keeps them fresh. The temperature-regulation system will automatically adjust the temperature in the filling room, whereas steam jets out to disinfect the package mouth as well as the atmosphere.

Our company is a specialized manufacturer of aseptic carton filling machine and related packaging materials. By introducing foreign technologies plus 14 years' manufacturing experience of our own, we have produced this machine which can independently finish filling and capping. With optimized and attractive structural design, it allows for ease of maintenance and high automation.

The equipment is divided into seven main parts:
1. Filler
2. Pressure Capping Parts
3. Worktable and Transmission Parts
4. Backflow System
5. Electrical, Pneumatic Parts
6. Centralized Lubrication System
7. Pipelines

1. Ease of Operation and Maintenance
2. Stable Performance.
3. Long Service Life
4. Advanced Technology.

Our aseptic packaging machines can rival those from world-class manufacturers such as Combi, and IPI.

Main Parts

1 PLC Mitsubishi Japan
2 Frequency converter Mitsubishi Japan
3 Encoder Omoron Japan
4 Breaker Schneider France
5 Approach Switch Turck Germany
6 Photoelectric Switch Omoron Japan
7 Pressure Switch SMC Japan
8 Button Switch Schneider France
9 Position Switch Omoron Japan
10 Motor Protection Equipment Schneider France
11 Temperature Controller Omoron Japan
12 Color Code Sensor SICK Germany
13 AC Contactor Schneider France
14 Liquid level relay Omoron Japan
15 Universal Switch Moeller Germany
16 Bearings SKF Sweden
17 Hot Water Pump Calpeda Italy
18 Hydraulic Valve Victrex America
19 Cylinder and Electromagnetic Valve Camozzi Italy
20 Hydrogen Peroxide Electromagnetic Valve Power Leader Germany

Bihai is a professional aseptic filling machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer aseptic filling machine, laminated liquid packaging material, tube type ultra-high-temperature beverage instant sterilizer, among others.

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