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The BH3000 aseptic filling machine provides a solution for sterile food such as dairy and drinks to be packaged in a disinfected container in a way that keeps freshness for storage. The equipment comes in various types, including aseptic the bottle filler, aseptic carton filler, aseptic cup filler, and aseptic cold filler. The filler is usually attached to the sterilizer and bag or carton forming device. At the sterilizer, ultra-heat treatment will apply to the contents before they are filled into the bag or carton made by the forming device. After the filling process, the package will be sealed. Texts and images will be printed onto the package. The whole process can be automatically accomplished when the aseptic filling machine is used. The equipment is desirable for many dairy and beverage manufacturers.

As a specialized manufacturer of filling machinery, our company launched this BH3000 slim type aseptic filler. The machine offers six models available for selection. It is widely used to package juice, fruit syrup, fruit jam, and other liquid food under sterile conditions. Its carton or bag package is made from multiple layers of aluminum, paper, and plastic. The package can prevent oxygen or light entering the contents, retain nutrients and flavors, and stir up customers' desire to purchase. Additionally, human-computer interface is adopted in the operating system of equipment. This facilitates operation, and makes fast filling speed no less than 3000 packages per hour a possibility.


Specifications/Type BH3000 Aseptic Filling Machine
Capacity 3000 packages per hour
Filling Volume 250ml (basic type), 250ml(Slim Type), 200ml(slim type)
Size 5700mm (L)×2000mm(W)×3800mm(H)
Gross Weight 3300kg
Power Source 50Hz 380V/220V
Operating System Human-computer interface(HM5)
Chilling Water Purified water
Installation Power 26kw (Actual power 11kw)
Work Environment Work temperature 5°C -32°C Relative Humidity 20%-60%
Air Pressure 0.8MPa -1.0MPa
Air Use Amount 2.5m3/min(0.7MPa -0.8 MPa) 2.7m3/10kg
Steam Use Amount 4.5kg /hour (130°C±5°C 0.17 MPa±0.03 MPa)
Beverage Temperature 15°C -25°C
Beverage Viscosity Below 30CP
H2O2 30%-50%
H2O2 Volume 0.5 L/hour -0.7L/hour
Pure Water Use Amount 10L/hour
Filling Various still beverages

As an experienced aseptic filling machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Bihai also provides laminated liquid packaging material, U-straw applicator, tube type ultra-high-temperature beverage instant sterilizer, water treatment equipment, and much more.

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