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The BH6000 aseptic carton filling machine provides processing and packaging solutions for food and beverages, machine combines the functions of package forming, filling, and sealing. It has found wide application in juice, dairy, drinks, and tea packaging industries.

The machine is manufactured by using techniques that are independently developed by our company, plus the domestic advanced control technologies. In its stainless steel body, the machine houses many core parts, such as the electrical system, pneumatic system, filter screen, and electric control system. All these components are purchased from world renowned manufactures. This ensures the long-time, stable operation of the machine.

Meanwhile, this series of filler is fitted with temperature control system for proper adjustment of temperature in the filling room. During the sterilization process, steam jets out to sterilize the package opening as well as the atmosphere of the filling room. The purpose of sterilization is to kill the bacteria in the package while keeping the freshness of its contents.

Additionally, the machine is designed with simple structure, which allows for ease of operation and maintenance as well as high automation in the sterilizing, filling, and sealing process. The filler is widely used in the dairy and beverage industries.

This type of aseptic carton filling machine comes in three models. All these models are installed with human-computer interface in the operating system. Thanks to this design, the machine is able to achieve fast filling speed. On average, the speed for filling a 200ml or 250ml package is close to 6000 boxes per hour. As an ideal set of equipment used in the beverage and milk production line, filler is widely used to fill milk, plant protein drinks, and various other still beverages.


Type BH6000 Aseptic Carton Filling Machine
Capacity 6000 packages per hour
Filling Volume 250ml (basic type), 250ml(Slim Type), 200ml(slim type)
Size 4500mm(L)×1900mm(W)×3800mm(H)
Gross Weight 5500kg
Power Source 50Hz 380V/220V
Operating System Human-computer interface(HM5)
Chilling Water Purified water
Installation Power 45kw (Actual power 20kw)
Work Environment Work Temperature:15°C -27°C Relative Humidity:20%-60%
Air Pressure 0.6MPa -0.7MPa
Air Use Amount 0.6m3/min(0.7MPa -0.8MPa)
Steam Use Amount 4.5kg /hour (130±5°C 0.17MPa±0.03MPa)
Beverage Temperature 15°C -25°C
Beverage Viscosity Below 30CP
H2O2 30%-50%
H2O2 Volume 0.6L/hour -1.0L/hour
Pure Water Use Amount 15L/hour
Filling Filling milk, plant protein drink, and various other still beverages.

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