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To better meet customer expectations for aseptic processing, we roll out the BH7000 aseptic carton filling machine. This filling set represents the upgraded generation among all the carton filling models. With a filling speed up to 7000 packages per hour, the machine delivers safe, reliable function at exceptional low failure rate while maintaining ultra-low noise performance. Compared to other filling machine series, the upgraded BH7000 version holds many advantages listed as follows.

1. The vertical sealing process utilizes a high-frequency induction heating device to ensure stable heat supply as well as adjust the amount of heat necessary to maintain a proper temperature level in the aseptic room.
2. Electrical control box available with an air conditioner.
3. Automatic liquid level control
4. The PLC system of our aseptic carton filling machine features a modular design. Hydraulic mechanism consists of the electrical control and automatic sealing bar that bonds the seam edges tightly together.

Type BH7000 Aseptic Carton Filling Machine
Capacity 7000 packages per hour
Filling Volume 250ml (basic type), 250ml(Slim Type), 200m l(slim type)
Size 4900mm (L)×2000mm(W)×3700mm(H)
Gross Weight 5300kg
Power Supply 50Hz 380V/220V
Operating System Human-computer interface(HM5)
Chilling Water Purified water
Installation Power 38kw (actual power 11 kw)
Steam Use Amount 4.5kg /hour (130°C ±5°C 0.17 MPa±0.03 MPa)
Beverage Temperature 15 °C -25 °C
Beverage Viscosity Below 30CP
H2O2 30%-50%
Filling Various still beverages

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